One of Food Network's most popular shows is looking for men and women, who by day are hard at work on the frontlines, and by night are whipping up amazing dishes in their home kitchen for themselves and their families.

Since its debut in 2009, Food Network's Chopped has become a huge hit for the network. While the show didn't invent the cooking competition show, it did blast it's popularity through the roof leading to a number of similar shows not only on Food Network, but other networks as well. Think about it. Guy's Grocery Games is basically Chopped in a grocery store. Supermarket Stakeout is Chopped in a grocery store parking lot. Master Chef is Chopped with a foul-mouthed English chef yelling in your face. Even one of my favorite shows, Forged in Fire on the History Channel is basically Chopped except instead of cooking, contestants put their knife, sword, and ax making skills to the test. While each show has its own twist, the concept employs the Chopped formula; a certain number of chefs compete with each other in a certain number of rounds, one gets eliminated after each round until their is one winner who gets to take home whatever the cash prize is determined to be. On a standard episode of Chopped, that's $10,000.

JS Casting, the casting agency responsible for finding everyday people like you and me for shows like Chopped, as well as other competition-style shows for networks like HGTV, Travel Channel, among others, is currently looking for "all types of frontline workers...making a extraordinary difference in your community and LOVES TO COOK (sic)" to compete on the show for that $10,000 prize.

There is one stipulation, those interested need to be within a six hour driving distance from Knoxville, Tennessee, the national headquarters for Discover Networks, Inc. who owns Food Network. Fortunately Knoxville is only a five hour drive from Evansville and most of the Tri-State.

So, if you fall under the parameter they're looking for in a contest (a frontline worker who loves to cook), the next question is, do you have what it takes to avoid the chopping block? If you think so, head over to the JS Casting website and fill out the online application. Good luck!

[Source: JS Casting]

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