The Boonville Police Department issued a statement to those who may not follow school zone speed limit signs. Maybe you don't know when these go into effect, or maybe you think because the kids are inside of the school in the middle of the day, you can go the normal speed limit. Consider this a warning.

The school zones are 20mph during school hours...not just when the kiddos are on their way or leaving school. This means that the maximum speed limit FROM ABOUT 7:30AM - 3:15PM is 20mph. This is put in place for the safety of yourself and the children. 

That being said, if the Boonville Police Department felt the need to issue a statement on the issue, it means that people are going above the school zone speed limit during school hours. I think it is safe to assume that if it is a problem in Boonville, it's most likely happening all throughout the Tri-State. So, take note of this and make sure that you follow the speed limit and stop for school buses. The kiddos are depending on you, and the police are keeping a close eye out for those who violate those laws!


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