As we come to an end of the season of spooky, creepy and scary, it's seems fitting to tell some Tristate ghost stories. Ghosts in the Tristate? Yes! You would be surprised at how many people have stories to share.

One of my own stories does from my friend, Amanda. She shared a ghost story with my that was so incredible that it was hard to believe. It all started in an old farmhouse near Jasper.

Soon after buying the home, she and her husband started experiencing strange things. Kitchen cabinets would open on their own. Blinds that were shut at night, would open in the morning. They also heard a child laughing and playing outside in the yard. This was strange because they lived miles from anyone and had no children of their own.

All of this stopped when they found a old coloring book page stuck in the motor underneath their refrigerator. After they pulled the paper out, they saw that it was a coloring book page that had been colored by a child. The page was signed in childlike letters that spelled Leslie. (This is just a weird coincidence, BTW.)

Once they know that child ghosts name, she seemed to leave the house. Soon, the strange things that had happened in the past, stopped. I guess, like most Leslie's, she just wanted to get their attention. We ARE attention grabbers.

Here are more Tristate ghost sightings from out Facebook friends. This are really scary, mainly because they happened HERE. But, first a word of warning...

**Don't Read Alone**

Have a story to tell? Share YOUR real life ghost stories HERE!!

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