Stephen King's Pet Sematary is one of the scariest/gut-wrenching movies I remember seeing growing up, now the writer's iconic novel will see new life in 2019.

The original 1989 Pet Sematary is one of those movies you don't easily forget. I can remember watching it and adoring Fred Gwynne's role as Jud Crandall. I still find myself quoting some of his lines from the film. While that part is memorable in a good way, there is another aspect of the movie that was memorable in an unsettling way. Death plays a key role in the movie, as you may have guessed by the title. The way the family reacts to death and the way the cemetery seems to be a beacon of hope leaves one to question, what you would do in those situations. I won't go into details, as if you haven't seen it, then it will ruin the upcoming remake.

The reboot of Stephen King's popular novel has been in the works for quite some time now, and today, we finally get our first look at the film. To help set up the plot (for those who don't already know) here is the (spoiler free) synopsis of the film from

Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and their two children Gage and Ellie move to a rural home where they are welcomed and enlightened about the eerie 'Pet Sematary' located near their home. After the tragedy of their cat being killed by a truck, Louis resorts to burying it in the mysterious pet cemetery, which is definitely not as it seems, as it proves to the Creeds that sometimes, dead is better.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this movie. It looks to be a little darker than the original...with that, you can only assume that it will be scarier as well. Jason Clarke is perfect to play Louis Creed. Just by watching the trailer, and seeing his other work, I know his performance will tug at your heart strings. The role that I was most curious about was who would be playing Jud Crandall, since it is such an iconic role to play. I was excited to see that John Lithgow will be playing the character of Jud. While I don't think he can top Gwynne's performance, it will be fantastic nonetheless.

I'm not going to lie, it looks really good! You can see some different elements from this film compared to the original, like the kids in the masks. I can tell you that I am not looking forward to the "truck scene". If you have seen the original, or read the book, you know what I am talking about. Overall, it looks really good though. If it does well, maybe they will remake Pet Sematary II...or maybe not. Pet Sematary is scheduled to be released on  April 5, 2019.

Now, for the moment you have been waiting for...the first look at the 2019 Pet Sematary remake. You can check out the trailer below and let me know what you think abut it.




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