It is no secret that I can’t stand candy corn. Even though, candy corn brings back great memories of my childhood and Grandma Baxter's candy dish, I just can't with them. They make me physically ill. No joke, I’m gagging just typing about the nasty little, Fall colored candy.

Anyway, I just saw on, that Brach's has come out with a limited edition, two flavored candy corn, in one bag. And, no, it’s not like the disgusting Turkey Dinner Candy Corn. It’a actually a candy corn I MAY be able to tolerate.

From an Instagram post by @frontpagefoodiefinds and @brachscandy, it looks like Brach’s has finally come to it’s senses and giving us any we actually want. The flavors are apple pie and pumpkin pie. They released the flavors last year, but I’m a little slow, so I’m just now finding out about it.

I’m not gonna lie, these candy corn flavors sound pretty delicious. I know, saying candy corn and delicious in the same sentence, is hard to do. I DID gag a little. But truthfully, I’m all about trying this. How about YOU?

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. @brachscandy This review is from 2019. Brach’s Pie Favorites are back on shelves for the 2020 Autumn season. Today’s food find is Brach’s Pie Favorites Candy Corn featuring the two most popular pie flavors of the Autumn months, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie . I found these at Dollar Tree. I have to say Brach’s really captured the apple and pumpkin flavor in candy corn form. I’m not even a big apple pie or pumpkin pie fan and I thought these were pretty darn good. I did favor the pumpkin pie flavored candy corn more, so those vanished out of the bag first and pretty fast. Brach’s Pie Favorites are a fun seasonal twist on a classic seasonal candy. I would definitely buy a bag of these again on my next trip to Dollar Tree. Snacking on a bag of these will get you in the Autumn frame of mind in no time. Two thumbs up for Brach’s Pie Favorites Candy Corn. - Kim . . . . . #FrontPageFoodFinds #Brachs #BrachsCandy #DollarTree #CandyCorn #Halloween #Fall #Autumn #CandyCorn #Candy #Pie #ApplePie #PumpkinPie #Junkfood #Snack #Snacks #Dessert #Desserts #Sweets #Treats #FoodPhotography #FoodReview #Food #Foodie

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Not really sure where to get them yet. From the Instagram post, it looks like last year they could be found at the Dollar Tree. I’ll try and find them locally, then try them and let you know.

But, until then you can order them HERE.

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