According to reports, FedEx plans to move its airport maintenance operations from California to Indiana.

FedEx Lease to Expire Summer 2024

Currently, FedEx holds its airport maintenance operations at California's Los Angeles International Airport. The company reportedly leases a facility there to maintain its aircraft fleet and that lease agreement will expire in June of 2024, according to

FedEx Maintenance Moving to Indiana

Once the lease expires next year, FedEx has said that they will move operations for aircraft maintenance to Indianapolis International Airport. FedEx told that this move will only impact airport maintenance for the company and that all other operations in Los Angeles will remain at this time. Fox59 says,

FedEx clarified that this does not affect all Los Angeles operations but rather just airport maintenance.

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FedEx Making Moves to Save Money

The company reportedly claims that the move from California to Indiana all comes down to the bottom line and that the decision to move the maintenance operations is based around reducing cost.

The company’s statement said that this transition is a part of routine evaluations to try and save on overall costs. - Fox59

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FedEx Has Come a Long Way Since 1973

Originally known as Federal Express, the company opened its first facility on April 17, 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee. With a team of just under 400 employees at the time, there were 186 packages delivered by 14 aircrafts to 25 cities the first night of operation. Acquisitions of several other companies began in the mid-1980s and have continued on over the years helping to build the multi-faceted shipping and freight company that we are familiar with today.

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