The coronavirus has had some unusual consequences for people across the country (and the world.) One of the strangest headlines I saw during the pandemic involved dairy farmers pouring milk out onto the ground because they had no where for it to go. Knowing good and well that there are people in our community who go without, all I could think was "what a waste" so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw that farmers are giving away free dairy products and free produce in Warrick County regardless of income or need.

According to a previous event in Holland, farmers are receiving support through the Covid Farm Assistance Program. The farmers have come together to make the produce and dairy products available to the public at no cost, "regardless of income or need." The flyer for that event also reads,

The alternative solution is to throw these products away. Please do not let our country's produce and dairy go to waste! No signature and no questions asked!

Now, Warrick County Food Pantries & Warrick County Purdue Extension are following suit. You can literally just pull up and open your trunk. Volunteers will load your produce and dairy products into your car for you while supplies last. You can pick up a free box by visiting the parking lot of the Warrick County Fairgrounds located at 133 W. Degonia Road in Boonville on Wednesday, August 12th from 4pm - 6pm.

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