Farmer and Frenchman is a locally owned winery, restaurant, and event venue in Henderson.  Recently the fate of Farmer and Frenchman has been up in the air, due to a really old law saying that their specific location is dry.  Now it's up to a vote!

Here's the quick cliff notes version of what exactly Farmer and Frenchman has been through this last year.  Farmer and Frenchman (F&F for short) had their liquor license revoked earlier this year, after finding a 1940s era vote had made that specific precinct dry, and it nullified their liquor license. But since F&F is in the process of appealing that decision, they are currently allowed to continue business as usual.  So now F&F have been fighting to get it put to a current vote to whether that specific precinct should be dry or wet to help determine the fate of the winery.  If you want more on what's going on check out this in depth article from The Gleaner.

Well today good news came for F&F as it's finally official on August 28th it will be put to a vote in that precinct whether or not the winery can continue to operate.  However you do have to live specifically in the Anthoston area to vote on this.

Here's what F&F's latest facebook post said:

It’s official! Thanks to all of the petition signatures from anthoston... August 28th anthoston will get a chance to vote! The question is just specific to a small farm winery in Anthoston.

Voting yes does not make all of anthoston wet - it is a vote just specific to small farm wineries in anthoston being able to serve.

VOTING YES saves 24 employees their jobs - jobs that Henderson families rely on!
VOTING YES brings in tourist dollars from the tristate and beyond!
VOTING YES shows that Henderson is business friendly after all!
VOTING YES shows that Henderson is a great place to come home to!

While I live in Evansville, I'm really rooting for them! I think they're a great place, with delicious food, and a beautiful view.  Plus I always like to see local businesses thrive. In the mean time, if you like me, can't help them out by voting, you can help them out by stopping in and trying some of their food out, and just showing your support for a locally owned business!

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