Imagine someone being able to take a picture of you, your face being scanned for your identity, then your name is given to them. Sound like science fiction? Like it's too far fetched to be true? Well, it's not!!! Facebook is planning to do just that. In a few weeks, Facebook will begin scanning ALL images posted to the sight and then suggesting the name of the people in the picture. WHAT?!?!? Big Brother IS watching....closely!!

The news has brought about much concern. Think of all the implications of this, all of the stalkers, pedophiles, rapists, thieves, etc. who will be using this technology to commit crimes.  Is there NO privacy left? I'm afraid not. Google has decided NOT to release an app that performs a similar function. They are letting Facebook deal with all the litigation and backlash from using this technology first.

A little over 100 milllion photos downloaded to Facebook a day.

There IS a way to protect yourself and your family. Here's how....

Go to "privacy settings" under account. Click "customize settings." At the bottom, find "suggest photos of me to friends" and click "edit settings." Then click disable and hit OK! Whew....your safe....for now! ;-)


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