A California woman wanted to set a world record for the number of comments to a Facebook post and she might have succeeded with comments so far totaling slightly over 1 million! It took Cathy Matthews and 106 other people to accomplish this incredible, yet meaningless feat and they are all fans of a Facebook game called "Frontierville". see the post below.


If you do the math, that means Matthews and the 106 other people had to comment an average of about 9,300 times each....whoa! Sounds like some of these people need a life or at the very least, a date.

Matthews and company have submitted their post Guinness World Records and currently waiting to find out if they have a record. To date, the current record is held by Roberto Esposito who made a post that received 529,335 comments.

Good luck Cathy, we are all sitting in front our computers on Facebook to see if you have the record....well, not really, but you can see a short video about this below.