Arch West has died at the age of 97. You are probably not familiar with Mr. West, but you are certainly familiar with what he created and it would be hard to imagine a world without his creation. Football Sundays might be meaningless and the Super Bowl without West's creation....just forget about it. This creation is the very essence of 'snack food' and over the years it has come in many different flavors. While on vacation in 1961 near San Diego, California, West, then a marketing VP for Frito-Lay, found a little snack shack that was selling something he had never seen before, fried tortilla chips. West took the idea back to Frito-Lay where the idea was not met with much enthusiasm, but West did some market research that led to new kind of chip called.......DORITOS!!! Thank you Mr. West for making watching television on the couch more enjoyable than we ever could have imagined and for one of the tastiest snacks EVER! See some Doritos commercials below. Enjoy. 

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