The economy seems to be getting worse by the second, the price of everything is going up and the job market is not good. This is a time when the level of college graduates finding a job is at an all-time low. The number of unemployed workers looking for work is at near record levels and there may be reasons you are not getting past the initial interview in the hiring process and ironically, that same thing might be what cost you your previous job to begin with. Have you checked your photo wall on Facebook lately and are you comfortable with the pictures that are on there....even the ones without you in them? There was actually a time when youthful indiscretions could be explained and even excused by potential employers. Social media and the internet in general has changed all that.

 You need to be so careful about what you post on your social networking page because believe me, when you apply for a job anymore, they WILL check you out online and might even 'friend' you to get a closer look at who you are or at the very least, who you APPEAR to be. The smallest stupid picture or drunk rant could keep you in the unemployed line. The good news is that there are things you can do to make sure your online reputation doesn't cost you something really important. MSNBC has compiled a list of things you should take very seriously. Click here to read the entire MSNBC article, it might be the most important thing you have read in a long time.

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