Today's eceonomy is forcing just about everyone to save money where they can  and pay closer attention to bargains. One of the ways people are trying to save money is with coupons and thanks to the TLC show "Extreme Couponing", people are using coupons more than ever and in some cases are trying to reduce their bill to almost nothing for hundreds of items. We have all been behind that woman at Wal-Mart who seems to be using a coupon for almost every item and it's becoming a huge problem. The problem is so big that Sunday newspapers are being stolen at an alarming rate. Bud Miller, an industry insider says, "people are going into stores with unrealistic expectations." The show 'Extreme Couponing' is a nother example of people taking things way too far. Some shoppers will actually fill their carts with hundreds of items and in some cases, clear out entire store shelves, then head to the checkstand with several loaded carts and a pile of coupons.

 Retailers and manufacturers want people to use coupons, but within reason which is one reason retailers are being much more specific and clear about their policies regarding coupon use. Since 2009, coupon redemption has risen by 27 percent to 3.3 billion coupons. Bottom line, extreme couponers are NOT looking to defraud anyone or cheat the system; they are simply needing to find ways to save as much money as possible.

The newspaper industry is taking steps to cut down on theft of it's papers by people taking all of the papers from an outdoor box after only paying for one and some papers are being moved inside retail locations. The upside for newspapers is that sales of Wednesday and Sunday papers are way up because they want the coupon inserts which are heaviest on those days. So, sharpen your scissors and start clipping!! Click here to read the very interesting article from MSNBC and

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