Last week, we reached the height of our argument on face masks. As many states  move beyond face mask debate into statewide face mask mandates, people started losing their minds.

Michigan will be fining people who aren’t wearing face masks where it is mandated to do so. Kentucky governor, Andy Beshear, put out an executive order making face masks mandatory, only to have it blocked by a judge before it even began. It’s hard being someone who has to make decisions for others. You will never be able to please everyone.

It is truly a crazy time that is tearing us apart both personally and socially. One of the main problems is misinformation, even too much information. Everybody thinks they are a science and face mask expert. When to be honest, only a small handful of us actually are experts. But, it's hard to find those people in all of the information/editorial thoughts that are thrown at us every minute of every day. I get it. It’s a lot to sift though to find truth. It is very hard to know who and what information to trust. It wears me out too.

Should we all be wearing them? Do they really protect us? Will wearing face masks help stop the spread of the virus? What about my rights? Whose rights are more important: those who choose to wear a mask or those who don't? Can we be really be FORCED to wear face masks? Is it better to be safe than sorry?

I have made my opinion very clear, I have no problem wearing a face mask. I DO think it, along with hand washing/sanitizing and social distancing, helps protect me from others and others from me. I think that it helps to keep my son, who is immune compromised, safe. But, that is MY opinion. My opinion is part of MY life narrative, my story.  I don’t expect you to agree with me, just as you shouldn’t expect me to agree with you. If you have done your research and feel that masks are a waste of time, please don’t be upset with me when you see me in a mask.

I guess I’m just asking that we be kinder to each other. My opinion is that we will look back at this and wonder why we were arguing over face masks, just like we look back at our debates over whether or not secondhand smoke was really that harmful. Remember that time before smoking was banned in public places? Seems silly now. We are on the other side of THAT debate and all is OK. With the help of science, we survived the shift in thought and perspective. I think we can all agree NOW that smoking AND secondhand smoke is bad for you and those around you.

Local businesses are trying their best to just stay afloat during the pandemic. Everyday, they are searching for new ways to service their customers all the while making safety a priority. They are doing everything they can to keep their head above water and not have to close their business. If they have to make a decision you don’t agree with involving face masks, to require or not to require, don’t throw a fit, bash them on social media, or threaten them with harm. Ease up! It's hard to try and please everyone, and that’s what businesses are trying to do right now. They are trying to do the best they can, just like you and me. There is no playbook for this, no set of instructions for what we are going through right now. Let’s just support and respect each other in any way we can, even if its just our opinions.

So, if you are still on the fence about the use of face masks in slowing down the spread of COVID-19, I found some videos that might help. If you are convinced that wearing a face mask infringes on you personal rights and you will NOT be wearing one, I respect that, but I would like for you to watch the videos anyway. :-)

If you are still unsure you should wear a face mask, this video might help. Everybody trusts Bill Nye, the Science Guy, right?

So, after the evidence I have gathered, will you be wearing one when you are out in public? And, if they become mandatory, does that upset you? If so, why?

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