I have seen a lot of funny marque signs in the Tri-State, but this one might be the best.

Eyeglass World on Green River Road has a sign for those who don't quite know what they saw in their ex. This sign has gotten a lot of attention on social media since Savannah Joy shared it on her Facebook, and I had to share it with you.

Savannah Joy/Facebook

That's one way to get business! It's also downright creative and hilarious...also reminds me that I should probably get my eyes examined...

Props to Eyeglass world for their catchy sign. This isn't the first time they have had funny/creative marque signs. Look them up on Google Maps, and you will see this sign.

Google Maps

Thank you, Eyeglass World, for keeping drivers entertained in the middle of the dreaded Green River Road traffic. Keep 'em coming!

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