Yesterday, my daughter was so bummed that she had to go back to school today. I didn't tell her that she actually had ONE more day off. I figured she'd be super excited to get a surprise. And, this morning when she woke up me up to take her up to the bus, I got to tell her we both get to sleep in one more day. We were both excited about that one!

But, teachers have to go back in a day early. And as much as the rest of who are all full of cheese and unaware of the day of the week after the holidays, teachers probably don't want to face getting up early and dealing with children who are all hopped up on candy and out-of-whack schedules post holiday season.

One Evansville teacher chronicled her feelings about teachers who have to go back to school after a whirlwind of days off. Kaitlyn Kaiser wrote this poem on Facebook for us all to enjoy!

'Twas the night before teacher work day, and up in my room-
I find myself feeling the inevitable doom!
A stack of papers are still not graded in my bag-o- shame,
Netflix and pajamas and my comfy bed are to blame.
The packed on pounds I now wear from two weeks of junk
Make my work pants too tight, especially around my trunk!
Slumber soon but I only just got out of bed!
Lannisters, dragons, and Jon Snow dance in my head!
But meetings, learning targets, and planning await,
And they will be much better if I don't stay up too late.
So, one long snuggle with my tiny man before our break ends,
As I anticipate going back and seeing all of my friends.
I will take a Tylenol PM and lay out my girdle,
And an outfit that makes me look less like a turtle.
Goodbye winter break, hello semester two!
Tomorrow, I am going to need a lot of Diet Mt. Dew!

-by Katelyn "Walrus" Kaiser

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