These adorable pups are up for adoption, and their names are getting them a little recognition online.

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It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue is located in both Evansville and Spencer County, Indiana.  They are a big part of the rescue community in the area and work hard to make sure they fulfill their mission of rescuing animals until "all paws have a home."  Occasionally animal rescues and shelters will give their litters themed names, and this theme had many people talking on Facebook!

Meet the Iconic Country/Celebrity Love Triangle Pups

Okay, that name is a bit long, so here are their real names.  Meet Blake, Gwen, and Miranda.   Obviously, these pups are named after Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Lambert.  We love a theme.  Although, I'm not 100% sure Blake would find this as comical as people online!  But hey, if it gives adoptable pups attention, I'm all for it!

Photos by It Takes a Village
Photos by It Takes a Village

Blake, Gwen, and Miranda Up for Adoption

As you have heard, shelters all across the United States are dealing with overcrowding, and many are housing dozens (some are housing hundreds) of adoptable dogs and cats.  So if you're looking for a puppy to add to your family, maybe one of these three is the right fit for your home! As someone who has two pit mixes at home, I'm a bit partial to the pitty variety, but as they say, rescued is my favorite breed!  However, I know not everyone has the time it takes to train a puppy, so maybe a more established older dog is what your home needs.  The good thing with rescues is they have animals of all shapes, sizes, and personalities to fit your home.

If you'd like to inquire about the iconic love triangle pups, you can do so through It Takes a Village's website, here.  You can also stop by the shelter during business hours and meet their adoptable animals in person.

It Takes a Village is located at 1417 N. Stockwell Road in Evansville, and its hours of operation are:

  • Tuesday: 12 - 5pm
  • Wednesday: 12 - 7pm
  • Thursday: 12 - 5pm
  • Friday: 12 - 5pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

It Takes a Village's Spencer County location is located at 824 E County Road 800 North, Chrisney, and the Spencer County hours are:

  • Tuesday: 12 - 5pm
  • Wednesday: 12 - 5pm
  • Friday: 12 - 5pm
  • Saturday: 12 - 5pm

Animal Shelters and Rescues In and Around Evansville Indiana

Whether you are looking to foster or adopt a homeless animal, or you would like to volunteer or donate, here are the animal shelters and rescues in and around Evansville, Indiana.

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