It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue is hosting an adoption event where they've dropped the adoption fee to $50! If you've been thinking of adding a furry family member to your home, this is definitely a great time to do it.

It Takes a Village is hosting $50 adoption fees on dogs and cats that are 1 year and older. It's their Freedom Adoption Event, and they're celebrating for the rest of July, this event will take place through July 31st.  You can stop by It Takes a Village at 1417 N. Stockwell Ave, during their business hours to meet some of the adoptable animals, or check them out online. They may just have a pet that is the perfect fit for your family.  In fact going to It Takes a Village just to "look at the pups" was exactly how my husband and I found our dog George. He's been with us for 4 and a half years now, and we wouldn't trade him for anything.  Sometimes when you see the one that's the right fit for your home, you just know.

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Did you know that according to the ASPCA each year approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters?  And of that 6.5 million, 1.5 million of those animals will be euthanized?    Both of those numbers are entirely too high. So with the help of people making the conscious decisions to spay and neuter their pets, and consider rescuing their next pet, we can help make those numbers go down. Our local shelters and rescues are all very crowded right now and in need of fosters and adopters.  If you've been thinking about adding a pet to your home, please consider adopting.  With adopting you quite literally save two lives, one is the life of the animal you give a loving home to, and the other life is the animal that can now move into that open space at the rescue.

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