Imagine having your parent's voices telling stories from their first date, their childhoods, or their grandparents. Wouldn't it be amazing to have your small children, their voices and faces, laughing and telling cute stories just like you see on TV? A podcast recording studio, in downtown Evansville, has unique ways of helping you achieve precious memories.

Speak and Tell Studios offers a service that is a unique recording experience. Here is how they describe it on their website.

We all have memories and stories that we want to share with our kids and grandkids. We understand that life sometimes takes sudden and unexpected turns. Come by our studio and record those memories for your family, kids, and grandkids so they always have them. You can even add video as well!

I love everything about this idea. If I could have taken my parents to the studio and had a professional audio recording AND video of them talking about their life and marriage, it would mean everything to me. I have some short phone videos of them individually at family gatherings and on vacation, but nothing that is solely focused on them and their story.

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It would have been wonderful to have something, sort of like an interview, of them interacting and answering questions. You know, something in a movie.

Even though my mom has passed away, I still would like do have my dad do an audio and video session. He has Alzheimer's and it would help me preserve some of his precious memories and stories. The sessions would be priceless to our family.

If you are interested in scheduling a recording session, contact Eric Davis at


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