Regardless of the sport, mascots are an important part any game day experience. Are they going to score the winning run or goal? No, but they do help keep fans engaged by helping hype them up during every moment of the game. If you or someone you know is outgoing and enthusiastic, you might just be the type of person who the Otters would like to see keep their fans engaged as Eva or Evan the Otter.

The team posted on their Facebook page Tuesday they are currently seeking people to fill the role of mascot at home games this season. Responsibilities include greeting fans as the enter the ballpark on game days, signing autographs and taking photos with fans, interacting with fans and keeping them engaged throughout the course of the game.

I served as the mascot for Mater Dei during both football and basketball my senior year and had a blast! The only downside, especially during the early part of football season in August and September, is that it did get incredibly hot inside the costume leading to a full body sweat where I literally felt like I was peeling the costume off my body after the game. Keep in mind, this was nearly 25 years ago and the only ventilation was a hole in the back of the head. I assume the Evan and Eva's outfits are a little more up to date and have some sort of internal fan that helps pull the heat out.

To find out more information, or to apply, send an e-mail to Assistant General Manager Elspeth Urbina-Roos at

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