This hot dog has an excellent combination of perfectly Evansville toppings

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TSM Evansville/ Canva
TSM Evansville/ Canva

Play Ball!

Baseball season is well underway in Evansville, and let's be honest, there is nothing better than spending a warm summer night at historic Bosse Field. Bosse Field is the third oldest working ballpark in the United States behind Wrigley Field and Fenway.  There is so much history at Bosse Field, and we're truly lucky to have such a cool piece of baseball history in the Tri-State.   There's nothing better than spending an evening at Bosse Field cheering on the Evansville Otters.  Well, unless that evening is topped with a cold beer and a ballpark hot dog.

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Baseball and Hot Dogs- A Winning Combo

I don't know what it is about hot dogs and baseball, but the two go together perfectly.  There's just something about enjoying America's pastime with the most American food ever, a hot dog. From Chicago dogs to chili dogs, to coney dogs, there's a wide variety of ways you can top a hot dog.

Personally, I'm a fan of the traditional ketchup, and mustard, and relish on a hot dog, but I also won't turn down a chili dog.  However, the Evansville Otters have recently unveiled a new hot dog that they'll be serving up at their games which is the most uniquely Evansville hot dog I've ever seen.

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash
Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

The Otterdog- a Winning Combination

The Evansville otters have teamed up with Doc's Sports Bar and Hickory Pit Stop BBQ to unveil the Otterdog, a hot dog topped with pulled pork. BBQ sauce, house-brined pickles and onions, and topped with sour cream.  HOLY. MOLY.  This sounds absolutely delicious!


This is what the Evansville Otters have to say about the new dog:

A true Jacobsville collaboration!
This monster features pulled-pork and delicious BBQ sauce from our next door neighbors at Hickory Pit Stop Championship BBQ and house brined pickles & onions from our friends Doc's Sports Bar, topped off with sour cream!!
This new menu item will now be available at all home games at the 3rd base grill location for just $7!!!!! Come enjoy an Otterdog at the game tonight!!

I'll definitely be enjoying one of these at the next Otters game!


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