Today Evansville is getting a new slogan!  But if you could give Evansville it's own slogan, what would you give it? Here's a few ideas we came up with here at WKDQ.

Now i love our city! I think Evansville gets a bad rap, but I truly think it's a great place to live! The city is growing and adding at a great rate, and I love to see that! So this is all just to poke fun at some of our quirks and things, not to dog on my hometown!



Currently Evansville is referred to as the River City or Stoplight City, but I think we can do better than that! Here's a few suggestions for a new Evansville slogan!

  1. Most of the stop lights could have just been stop signs
  2. Whoever smelt it, probably is driving past the water treatment facility.
  3. Evansville! Who the hell is Evan??
  4. Evansville! Where the forecast is made up and the seasons don't matter!
  5. Evansville, where non-zombies eat brains!
  6. Evansville! Don Mattingly's a fan!
  7. Orange barrel capital of the world
  8. Home of the 2nd* biggest street festival in America (*only not scientifically proven, but we still claim it)!
  9. Evansville! A League of Their Own was filmed here!
  10. Evansville, home of Jimtown which is a whole new world!
  11. We're no longer the fattest city in America!
  12. If you don't wash down your Grippos with Ski, you're wrong.
  13. The Ohio river, pretty to look at, just don't swim in it.
  14. Evansville! We're still not really sure what a Purple Ace is?
  15. Remember the time Tom Hanks Tweeted about us?!

So there's a few possible new slogans for our great city!

What would yours be??

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