The Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science has a fun event coming up in August that is all about geek culture.  Their annual event Geek & Comic Con is back for 2021.  Here's what the Geek & Comic Con event page on Facebook says about the upcoming event:

Save the date for the 2021 Geek & Comic Con!
The annual Geek & Comic Con is returning to the Evansville Museum this summer on Saturday August 28, 2021.
This family-friendly event is perfect for comic-con enthusiasts as well as first-timers to the convention scene.
The Evansville Museum Geek & Comic Con is a day devoted to celebrating the arts, science and history of geek culture. The event will feature panels and presentations, hands-on activities, board games, a vendor room and a cosplay contest.
I'm interested to know who will be featured on the panels because I'm sure it's some very interesting people.  I did some digging on the Facebook event page for Geek & Comic-Con, and they've got some seriously great stuff lined up! It looks like Hollywood special effects creator Kent Estep will be there and custom toymaker Nathan Girten, comic book creator Kyle Starks, geek travel expert Jill Knonenborg, and more.  They also will have swag bags for all attendees courtesy of the Gaming Guild.
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If you're interested in attending the Evansville Museum's Geek & Comic-Con, be sure to follow along on their Facebook event page, here. The event takes place on August 28th from 11A-5P, there is a link back to the Evansville Museum's website for ticket info.

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