If you have ever been in an accident or emergency situation, you know that the stress level can escalate very quickly. Parents of children with sensory issues know to use special techniques to help keep them calm. When they go off to school, teachers may not have the proper tools to communicate with special needs children. Evansville mom, Kelsey Schapker developed sensory kits that local agencies are now utilizing.

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I used to work at Sky Zone, and we regularly hosted special play days for children with autism or sensory issues and their families. I learned a lot about how some everyday things can trigger kids with sensory issues. We dimmed the lighting, turned off the music, and provided paper towels, instead of the loud hand dryers.

Trauma Triggers a Solution

I can only imagine how traumatic it was for Kelsey and her 4-year-old son Camden when they were almost hit head-on in traffic. He has autism and it can be difficult for him to communicate and feel calm. That inspired her to make the CAMSE kit that includes a weighted animal, a Pop-It, stickers, stacking blocks, and a fidjigami.


The CAMSE kits are already in use by the Posey County Sheriff's Department, Evansville Police Department’s Juvenile Unit uses them along with officers in EVSC schools. Now, the Evansville Fire Department has the kits too.

ISP / K. Schapker
ISP / K. Schapker
The kits are named on behalf of Kelsey’s son, Camden, who received an Autism diagnosis and would struggle to communicate his needs in the event of an emergency.
The kit, known as a CAMSE Kit, (short for Cam’s Sensory Equipment) is designed to keep kids with autism and other sensory challenges, calm.
The kit includes a weighted animal, a Pop-It, stickers, stacking blocks, and a fidjigami, among other items.

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