One Evansville home is feeling the Christmas spirit, and using a Christmas light display to give back to the community.

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Lights on Pomona YouTube
Lights on Pomona YouTube

Christmas Traditions

In my family, one of my favorite Christmas traditions is driving around to see the festive lights.  When I was a kid my parents would load my brother and me up in the car and we would drive around to see Christmas lights.  These days my husband and I continue that tradition with our son, although technology has made it a bit easier to find the best light displays thanks to Evansville Christmas Lights and their interactive map. 

Incredible Light Show

These days we often see lights that are synced to music, and these types of light shows never cease to amaze me.  One Evansville house goes above and beyond and their light show is professional quality, it's truly incredible. Lights on Pomona is a Christmas-themed light show put on by a house on Pomona Drive.  Each year they seem to grow and add something new to the show.  Throughout this article, you'll see videos of different light shows from the Lights on Pomona YouTube channel.

Giving Back to the Community

One of the most incredible things about Lights on Pomona isn't the light show itself (although the light show is pretty incredible) it's the fact that the light show serves as a fundraiser for Autism Evansville. While the light show itself is free, if you would like to give a "tip" they accept tips in the form of donations to Autism Evansville, they have a drop box for your donation outside, or a QR code you can scan to make your donation digitally.

If you aren't familiar with Autism Evansville, they are an Evansville-based nonprofit that works to help families who are affected by Autism spectrum disorder.   They serve as a resource that helps families gain access to therapy, help raise awareness for ASD in our community, and host parent support groups, and family fun events.

When to See Lights on Pomona

Lights on Pomona runs throughout December, and each night they have different songs in rotation. You can follow the Lights on Pomona Facebook page and see the full schedule for when the light show will be running, here.

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