Did you know the City of Evansville had its own flag? Don't feel bad if the answer is, "no." I didn't either and I've lived here my whole life. All 43 years of it. Well, it turns out we do (you're never too old to learn new things, right?), and it's, well, if I'm being honest, it's kind of plain. It's a simple navy blue flag with the city seal in yellow printed on it. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, it serves its purpose of being the symbol of our city, but while its remained unchanged for years, the city it represents has changed, and it's time for the flag to reflect that with an update.

The Evansville Flag Project is a group of residents who are leading the charge for that update, and are looking for input from you and me on what we think the new flag should look like. Perhaps you think the Four Freedoms Monument should be incorporated somehow, or the bend of the Ohio River where Dress Plaza sits. Maybe you have a design in mind that reflects the idea that "e is for everyone." No idea is too big, too small, too smart, or too dumb.

There are multiple ways you can submit your input. If you have some artistic talent you can draw it out on paper, or with a computer program you're handy with, and submit it. If your drawing abilities are limited to stick figures and birds that look like the letter "m," you can just as easily write out what you see in your head and leave it to the pros to transform your thoughts into an image. Whichever way you choose, you can submit the idea through the Evansville Flag Project website, or Facebook page now through March 27th, 2021. The final design is scheduled to be revealed on August 12th, 2021 (8-12, if you will).

Initially the project was supposed to be finished already and the new flag would have made its debut this year on August 12th, but then COVID hit, and the decision was made to put those plans on hold. JoElle Knight with the Project joined us on the phone to talk about that decision, and the projects "reboot" earlier this week. Hear our complete interview below.

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