Evansville's first Rage Room opens this weekend, and I got to take a sneak peak.

Escape Evansville is opening up The Purge Rage Room. If you don't know what a Rage Room is, basically it's a room where you can literally smash and break stuff. It's actually quite fun, and a nice way to release some stress.

The Purge Rage Room holds up to three people at a time for a 15 minute session. They'll hook you up with things to smash, protective gear, and of course your smashing tools of choice, such as baseball bats, a 2 x 4, sledge hammer, golf clubs, and more. They even allow you to bring in one personal item that you would like to smash, although there are some restrictions. Heck, they will even provide a picture frame if you want to bring in a picture of your ex, or even an embarrassing picture of you from back in the day. Once you are done raging, you don't even have to clean up your mess!

Brian Bennett, the owner of Evansville Escape, gave me a sneak peak earlier today and I had a blast. Check it out:

You can reserve your time at the Rage Room now. You'll have a blast!


For more information on Escape Evansville's The Purge Rage Room, check out the post below!

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