The Evansville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #73 in downtown Evansville is holding a bourbon fundraiser for the family of Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputy Asson Hacker who unexpectedly passed away in March.

Deputy Hacker was participating in training exercises on March 2nd when he fell ill and was rushed to Deaconess Midtown Hospital. He never regained consciousness and died later that day. Earlier this week, Vanderburgh County Coroner Steve Lockyear released the results of the autopsy that officially ruled Hacker's cause of death as "Exertional Sickling" due to "Sickle Cell Trait," according to 44 News.

What is Exertional Sickling?

Here's how the University of South Florida Health defines the condition:

Exertional sickling is a potentially life-threatening condition resulting from the sickling of red blood cells during intense exercise. Sickling results in muscular ischemia and collapse, whereby the athlete may experience intense muscular pain, rhabdomyolysis, and other serious metabolic problems. Signs and symptoms of an exertional sickling event include intense pain, fatigue, feeling like you cannot continue exercising, muscle cramping, and inability to catch your breath. Exertional sickling is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment.
Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office
Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Hacker was one of the newest deputies on the force having joined in December 2022. He leaves behind a wife and four children.

Evansville FOP Hosting Bourbon Fundraiser

FOP #73 at 801 Court Street announced Thursday on Facebook it is currently selling bottles of bourbon to assist Deputy Hacker's widow and children with bills and other expenses. The bottles are available for $75 each and come with an End of Watch (EOW) badge. A limited number of bottles are available and can be purchased at the FOP, or by contacting Sgt. Saltzman or Officer Tevault with the Evansville Police Department. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the FOP on its Facebook page.

[Sources: FOP Lodge #73 on Facebook / 44 News / University of South Florida Health]

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