Here comes the food truck...Oh, I meant bride. Wedding season will be here before you know it, and food trucks are a popular catering option.

Is it too EXTRA?

A lot of families might think that you are being extra by going the food truck route. That's just silliness. Food trucks are not just for the hipsters in big cities anymore. We have a plethora of delicious food trucks to choose from. The bigger issue could be booking early. Once the warmer weather is here, food trucks are out and about at every outdoor event.

Isn't it Just Catering?

For the record, I think a Candy Bar sounds delicious and this looks so fancy. Featuring a food truck at your wedding reception is something that will make your wedding super memorable.

Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash
Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

Rehearsal Dinner Option

If you already have your catering locked down, a food truck is also a great option for your rehearsal dinner. Maybe you just want to surprise your family with a dessert food truck, you can find those on our list.

Just Enjoy Your Day

I know that you want your wedding day to be absolutely perfect, as it should be. Let me tell you, the thought of trying to please both sides of our families was overwhelming. We actually eloped and went to a courthouse. We had our wedding lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. After that, we napped. Oh, and then we told our families. This year will mark our 16th year, and I still remember how I felt that day. So, my advice is to do what makes you both happy and you'll remember it forever.

Evansville Area Wedding Reception Food Truck Guide

We are very lucky to have such a wide variety of food trucks serving the Evansville area. This list contains the majority of the food trucks and their menus that offer their services for weddings. Some of the vendors may offer different menus for your event. Please contact them directly to inquire.

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