Regardless of your religious/spiritual resume or affiliation, odds are you are familiar with the Christian nativity scene, which depicts the birth of Jesus. You've probably seen a nativity with dolls, statues, or little characters, and you have maybe even seen a live nativity - but there's a church on the west side of Evansville that is taking a whole new approach to the nativity.

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The Turning Pointe UMC is hosting a live nativity event that goes beyond that final scene in the manger that we are all so familiar with. The Turning Pointe is offering an interactive nativity that will have small groups of people visiting five different stations, both inside and out, showing reenactments of the events that took place that night in Bethlehem.

Turning Pointe live nativity
The Turning Pointe via Facebook

This special live nativity event is happening on Friday, December 16th from 6pm-9pm. It is free and open to anyone who would like to attend. And it will happen rain or shine. The Turning Point UMC is located at 9800 Middle Mt. Vernon Road.

The Turning Pointe's pastor, Scott Cassel, will greet each group with a brief introduction before one of the youth guides your group throughout your journey. You will visit the following five stations.

  1. Mary and the Angel Gabriel
  2. The Shepherds and their animals (Did I mention there would be a live camel?)
  3. The Wisemen
  4. Angels singing (children)
  5. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus

Once you've completed the walk-through, you have the opportunity to make a donation to different Mistletoe Missions - those are various nonprofit organizations that The Turning Pointe works with during the Holidays.

And before you head home, you're invited to stick around for some hot chocolate and chili.

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