Maiden's Brewery & Pub in Evansville has just created a unique brew that screams "Evansville!"Maiden's took their craft and Evansville's love of Grippo's to create their new ale, Dixie.

Dixie is an amber ale that is brewed with BBQ Grippo's potato chips. According to Maiden's Brewery & Pub, "she has a little bit of sweet, and a little bit of heat." After making the announcement on social media, everyone wants to get their hands on Dixie to see just how good it really is. This ale is unlike anything Evansville has ever seen, so I made a trip over to Maiden's to find out how it's made and if the ale lives up to the hype.

You can stop by Maiden's Brewery & Pub at 209 North Wabash Avenue to get your hands on Dixie, as well as some of their other award winning brews...and not to mention food!

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