With the continued spread of Covid-19 across the country, retailers & grocers are taking actions to reduce the spread of the virus and keep both customers and staff safe. Walmart stores in the Evansville area have implemented changes as well as shown in a number of social media posts.


At the Walmart on Burkhardt Road in Evansville, they are reminding customers to maintain a safe 6-feet social distance.


On Evansville's West Side store on Red Bank Road, fitting rooms are closed so store associates can focus on stocking and cleaning more pertinent areas of the store.


At the Boonville Walmart, they have shut down all entrances to the store with the exception of the main grocery entrance.


In Newburgh at the Walmart on High Pointe Drive, the vision center is only operating under emergency circumstances.


Earlier this week, Walmart corporate headquarters announced that they would begin checking associates temperatures at all Walmart stores & Sam's Club locations when they arrive for their scheduled shifts. Walmart isn't the only store making changes either. Menards just implemented a no pets & no children under 16 policy for its stores.


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