Other than the gift-giving, a big part of getting the family together for Christmas is the traditional Christmas dinner. But, what if you hate to cook, or you've tried and you're not very good at it? Maybe you've done it in the past, but all the work that goes into prepping, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards completely drains your Christmas spirit. Fear not, several restaurants in the Evansville area will be open on Christmas Day and will be happy to do all of that for you.

Some people may say it's not fair for the owners and employees of the restaurants listed below to have to work on Christmas just because some of us are "too lazy" to cook for ourselves. My thinking on that is this, if the owners of those restaurants didn't want to be open on Christmas Day, they wouldn't be. Keep in mind not everyone celebrates Christmas for one reason or another. They may be a member of a religion that doesn't observe the holiday, or maybe they simply need the income because the pandemic put a major dent in sales. Perhaps it's as simple as they're proud of their product and want others to enjoy it. Or maybe the idea of their restaurant being a place where families can gather together and make memories while enjoying a delicious meal makes them happy. It is the season of giving after all. Whatever the reason behind their decision is, it's their choice to make.

I know several families who make going out to dinner on Christmas Day part of their annual tradition. If you're thinking about making it part of yours, I'm sure any one of the following restaurants would love if you made their business part of it.

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20 Evansville Area Restaurants Open on Christmas Day 2021

Once you've worked up an appetite opening all those gifts and putting up with your family, these restaurants around the Tri-State will be more than happy to serve you up a hot, delicious meal on Christmas Day.

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