Last night, we saw snow fall in the Evansville area and no one was happy. The cold weather will continue tonight.

Evansville area weather is crazy. You seriously get all four seasons in one week. One day it can be sunny and warm, the next day it will be freezing cold with snow. This week is no different.

Last night the Evansville area saw snow. Not just flurries but a bit of accumulation on grassy areas. Social media was furious over the weather we received last night. People were rushing home to make sure that they covered up plants and other vegetation to protect them and keep them alive throughout this cold weather. If you are planning on uncovering them this afternoon or have already uncovered might want to reconsider.

The Evansville area will be under a Frost Advisory, according to The National Weather Service out of Paducah, from 11 p.m. tonight until 9 a.m. Thursday morning. That means those plants that you covered up last night will require the same attention during the overnight hours tonight too.

However, if you're like me and dislike this cold weather, there's a bit of good news on the horizon.

Like I said earlier, we live in an area where you can get all four seasons in a matter of a week. We've gotten the winter, fall, and spring-like weather so far this week. As the week progresses into the weekend, temperatures will increase into the upper 60s. Then, a week to the day when we saw snow, we'll have temperatures in the 80s on Tuesday of next week.

Tri-State weather, right?

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