In order to be properly prepared for any situation, the Evansville Police Department holds regular training sessions with their officers who are usually the first ones to respond when bad stuff is happening. While much of this training can take place at the Department or a shooting range, every once in a while they need to take that training into a (simulated) real-world scenario. Meaning, a location where they may find themselves in a real-life dangerous situation.

The Department announced on Monday through their Facebook page, they will be doing just that when they conduct training exercises in the building that was once home to Nieto's Mexican Express restaurant in front of Eastland Mall this week.

The Department doesn't note a specific date or time range other than stating the training will take place "throughout the week" which leads me to believe there will be multiple exercises happening at various days and times.

Long story short, if you happen to be driving down Green River Road this week and notice several cop cars parked outside the building, along with armed police officers milling about outside, or appearing to respond to some sort of threat inside the building it's all good. There's no threat. They're just making sure they can defuse the situation quickly if there ever happens to be one.

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