Today, March 24th, is my beautiful daughter, Reghan's birthday. It was on this day, 29 years ago, that I held her in my arms for the very first time. It's hard for me to believe she is in her late 20's, I'm still so young. Right? LOL

Seven years ago, right before Reghan was to graduate from USI, I made this emotional video reflecting on the day she was born, some moments from her life, and my hopes for the future.

Boy, was my hair black. Wow.

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(Original Post and Video) 

Earlier this week, I was left alone. My husband took the kids to dinner so I could relax.THIS is what happened.

Oh, boy! I cried watching it again. But, I admit, I'm a crier. The older I get, the worse it gets.

Now let's fast forward seven years into the future, after I shot this video. Did my hopes and visions for her come true? Yes, they did. In both good and not so good ways. Yes, she is conquering the world, but she had to move away to do it.

As far as her professional success after graduation, Reghan went on to get a fabulous job and begin her career. She became one of the youngest people to become a general manger at her company, and she did it in record time. I guess the briefcase at three years old worked.

Personally, she became a mother and gave me my incredible granddaughter, Norah. She also married the man of her dreams and started a life that took her back to my hometown. Even though they live three hours away now, she and her family get to spend time with her Papaw, her Aunt Deana, her cousins, Ellie and Sophia, and so many more members of our extended family and wonderful life long friends. My granddaughter's nurse practitioner is my best friend since 6th grade, Norah calls her, Mammy Tammy. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. Her family has so much love around them and that makes me happy.

I miss them so, so much, they used to live in Evansville. The pandemic was brutal. Not being able to visit them was awful. Thank God for FaceTime.

I called her on the air today to wish her Happy Birthday and of course I had to tell the world it was her birthday on Facebook. Here is what I wrote about the women she is TODAY.

Today, I’m celebrating this girl, this brilliant mind, this free spirt, this gorgeous soul, this amazing woman, wife and mother on her birthday. She is pure joy and luminous light. To be her mother is a true blessing and honor. Love her so. Happy Birthday!
Norah and Reghan
Norah and Reghan


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