It's that time of year. Time for jolly ol' St. Nick to step into the spotlight and deliver the Christmas cheer we all so desperately need right now. Which of course means making a few public appearances ahead of his annual toy delivery, like his annual stop at Eastland Mall. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Santa will be able to use the same magic he uses to stop at every house on the planet in one night to make COVID-19 go away, so a few guidelines will be in place when makes his way to the Mall.

He'll set up shop in front of JC Penny and stay all the way until Christmas Eve, which seems like a pretty tight schedule considering how busy he'll be later that night. But unlike every other year, the kids won't be able to sit on Santa's lap. Instead, the visit will be contact free. The kids will tell Santa what they want for Christmas from a safe, social distance, then stand in front of Kris Kringle for their photo. All visitors over the age of 8 will be required to wear face masks per our local mandate.

The good news is, outside the fact he still plans on being here, is that he will showing up two weeks earlier than normal starting December 4th. I'm guessing he probably knows we all need his jolliness now more than ever. .

The visits with Santa are free, and photo packages will be available for purchase. Reservations aren't required, but the Mall strongly recommends you make one in advance to help them plan accordingly and ensure they can keep everyone safe and socially distanced from one another. You can book your reservation now through the Mall's website.

[Source: Eastland Mall]

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