Whoa! About an hour ago, I had one of those moments that stops you dead in your tracks: I realized my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. Talk about panic! I am not one to lose things, but the only other time this happened, it was my wallet and I wasn't anywhere near as freaked out as I was about an hour ago. A wedding ring can be replaced, but never THE ring that was put on your finger on your wedding day. I was helping a co-worker clean up the copy room and was breaking up some pretty good sized boxes. When we finally got everything stuffed into a gigantic trash bag, he went out side and threw it in a huge dumpster behind the building.

I went to wash my hands and that is when I noticed my ring was gone. I immediately began to retrace my steps to no avail and was getting ready to call my wife and break the news when I remembered that while breaking down boxes, I had to move my ring back down my finger because it almost came off at that point.

I put my phone down, ran outside and asked the co-worker where the bag was and he said in the dumpster. I told him what happened and we both went into the dumpster to find the bag, which we did. I brought it in, dumped it all out on the floor...nothing. After saying a few choice words I opened the bag to put the trash back in when I noticed the ring at the bottom of the bag, stuck in the seam. Wwwwhhheeeewwww, all is good now and my ring is back where it belongs and I never had to call my wife. But she does read our website...uh oh!


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