They say if you're good at something, never do it for free...even if all you're good at is eating delicious cheeseburgers.

What I am try to tell you is that you have the chance to literally get paid to eat cheeseburgers. Do I have your attention now?

There's a website called Bonus Finder, and they are looking to hire a professional cheeseburger taster. The Amsterdam based company is wanting to find the best cheeseburgers in the United States. In order to do that, they must hire a someone to taste the burgers.  I for one know that I am 100% qualified for this job. According to UPI, you will be "grading burgers on criteria including patty texture, patty seasoning, bun softness, bun taste, complexity of flavors used, relish and/or sauce taste, cheese flavor and creaminess, value for money and quality of the ingredients."

Sounds easy enough, right? But what do you get if you're selected for this once in a lifetime dream job?

UPI says that the winner will receive $500, as well as funds for travel and to purchase the cheeseburgers the applicant is instructed to taste and review.

If you're interested, they're accepting applications for the next two weeks.  And by "applications," I mean you give them your email and two sentences about why you're the right person for the job and that's it. Easiest job application you will ever fill out.

To apply, you can click here. They will randomly select a winner on October 9th, so be sure to check your email then to see if it's you!

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