At about 10:30 this morning, I had to run a quick errand to the West side. As I was getting in my car in the WKDQ parking lot at 4th and Walnut, an accident had just occurred there and the intersection was blocked. So, I went a different way and was shocked at how long it took me to just to get out of Downtown! As I'm sure you have noticed, the Downtown traffic lights are synchronized, which is very frustrating because if you hit one green, the very next light, which is only about 25 feet away will be red and probably just turned red!

If you don't hit them just right, it's a stop and go process, which means it takes forever to get out. Traveling east or west on streets like Sycamore and Vine are very nerve-racking and have you ever noticed that the lights at Sycamore and 6th and Sycamore and MLK change at exactly the same time and are synchronized together?

One of the more frustrating Downtown intersections is Riverside and Ohio Street because of the delayed signal there, which is due to the Ohio Street railroad tracks. You can sit there for a while, particularly if you are N/B on Riverside trying to get to the Lloyd. You could eat a full meal in the time it takes to clear that intersection and let's not even talk about what happens if there is a train on tracks!

Bottom line, it took almost a full 15 minutes to completely clear was actually 13 minutes and 28 seconds. I know that because I timed it. Sheeeesh!!!

What is really fun and is my personal favorite is sitting at the red light at 4th and Main at 4am. To be honest, I don't wait...I look all ways and proceed right on through and I don't care who knows it. There really needs to be a trigger system for off hours...seriously.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest...I feel better now. Oh, by the way, I was LATE to my appointment on the West side...thanks for asking.