You might be surprised to find out what the largest and smallest zip codes in Indiana are.

No matter where you live in the country, your town or area has its own zip code attached to it. These zip codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. Indiana has a total of 773 active zip codes throughout the state. These zip codes range from 46001 to 47997. Some of these zip codes have a wide range of populations attached to them. The smallest of which has a population of 202 people, and the largest has a whopping 78,767 people attached to it, according to World Population Review.

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So, the question here is this: Do you live in the largest zip code in the state? Maybe the smallest? Let's take a look at the top ten largest and smallest zip codes in the state of Indiana to find out.


Top Ten Largest Zip Codes in Indiana

World Population Review broke down Indiana zip codes by population, and what you might think is the largest zip code in the state, isn't necessarily the case. Here are the top ten largest zip codes by population in Indiana:

  1. 47906: West Lafayette with a population of 78,767

  2. 46307: Crown Point with a population of 64,043

  3. 46143: Greenwood with a population of 55,965

  4. 46227: Indianapolis with a population of 55,806

  5. 46032: Carmel with a population of 51,229

  6. 47150: New Albany with a population of 48,237

  7. 47201: Columbus with a population of 47,081

  8. 47130: Jeffersonville with a population of 47,053

  9. 46226: Indianapolis with a population of 46,718

  10. 46038: Fishers with a population of 45,526

So, as you can see, West Lafayette's 47906 zip code is the biggest in Indiana for 2023. Was that what you were expecting?

Top Ten Smallest Zip Codes in Indiana

Once again, let's look at the data from World Population Review to discover the ten smallest zip codes in Indiana by population. There's quite a big difference in numbers compared to the largest zip codes. Here's a look at the smallest zip codes in descending order:

  1. 47884: Universal with a population of 232

  2. 46943: Laketon with a population of 230

  3. 47382: Saratoga with a population of 226

  4. 46998: Young America with a population of 222

  5. 46111: Brooklyn with a population of 219

  6. 46393: Wheeler with a population of 214

  7. 47437: Huron with a population of 213

  8. 47361: Mount Summit with a population of 205

  9. 47035: New Trenton with a population of 202

  10. 46381: Thayer with a population of 202

See, that's a pretty big drop in numbers, isn't it? You can learn more, and find out where your Indiana zip code landed on the list by clicking here.

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