The kids are back school this week, and it is the perfect reminder of a few "back to school" nightmares that still haunt me...maybe you can relate.

photo credit: Sarah Ewart
photo credit: Sarah Ewart

So I have had this nightmare about school on a few different occasions. Not while I was actually a student, but after I had already graduated. There have been may variations of this nightmare.

  • I am told that after I already graduated college, I didn't have as many credits that I had originally thought and was forced to go back.
  • I am suddenly back in high school with know knowledge of why, what I am learning, or who anyone is.
  • Or the worst...I am somehow back in school, wondering why everyone is staring at me...only to realize that I am in my underwear. The worst part of it is, for some reason, I can't leave or get any clothes.

Those are just a few examples of "back to school" nightmares that I have. Now I have been out of school for a few years now, and I still occasionally have these dreams. Weird, right? Please tell me that I am not the only one....





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