Sometimes you just randomly come across something and it blows your mind. Like the time I saw somebody snap the cap of their Gatorade bottle into the bottle grooves at the bottom of the bottle. Yes, it’s made that way to hold your cap. Amazing.

Right now, Tik Tok is the place where ordinary people discover extraordinary hacks and make videos to show us things we have yet to figure out on our own. Get on Tik Tok, the life hacks will blow your mind. Trust me.

When I saw this hack it really shocked me. I never thought about the lace-like edges of a Ritz cracker. I just know that’s how a Ritz cracker looks, no special reason, right? Not necessarily. There could be a reason and it involves the cheese you eat with the cracker. Brilliant.

@therealnobody30LiFe hACk ##lifehack ##foodhack ##lgbtq♬ Ymca - Party City

See? WOW! I’m not sure that Nabisco meant for the cracker to be used as a knife for it’s cheesy companion, but it works. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

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