These elusive creatures are often heard, but not often seen. 

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Coyotes in the Hoosier State

Coyotes are native to Indiana, and at one point were even referred to as "Prairie Wolves."  At a quick glance, it could be easy to confuse a coyote with a dog as they bare quite the resemblance to a German Shepherd-type dog.  However, coyotes are usually smaller and weigh about 25 lbs.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash
Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, coyotes are elusive and often hard to view since they typically forage at night. The Indiana DNR also says that many coyotes live near people and livestock without ever becoming a problem.

Hunting and trapping are important components of managing coyotes in Indiana. However, not all coyotes are problem coyotes. Many coyotes live around people, pets, and livestock and never have negative interactions with them. When coyotes become habituated to people, problems can occur, and those animals may need to be removed. Similarly, when coyotes begin to prey upon livestock, those animals may need to be removed to stop the damage from occurring. Removing coyotes not causing problems around livestock can encourage new coyotes to move in which may cause damage.

People’s behavior is usually a key component in habituation occurring, so it’s important for people to do their best to discourage coyotes whenever possible.

However, if the presence of coyotes has you worried about your pet's safety, the Indiana DNR has many tips you can use to keep your animals safe.

Haunting Coyote Sounds Captured in Evansville

Over the weekend my husband and I were sitting outside and we heard something in the distance, that was very creepy.  We were sitting out back after our son went to sleep when we all of a sudden heard a bunch of coyotes, and the noise was super eerie.

Photo by Tristan Frank on Unsplash
Photo by Tristan Frank on Unsplash

Now I know that hearing coyotes around Evansville is no cause for alarm, but take a listen to this short video of the noise I captured, what do you think these coyotes were doing?

Kinda creepy, right?   Now full transparency, we live in a very much suburban area, so we don't see or hear coyotes often at all, so when we were sitting outside on Friday night and heard these noises, you can see where it may have been a tad jarring!

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