The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Todd Scales to receive documents from the Warrick County Sheriff's investigation of his daughter, Kristy Kelley.

Todd Scales had filed a petition to gain access to the documents of his daughter's 2014 death that was surrounded with a lot of mystery and unanswered questions.

According to our media partner, Eyewitness News,

At the time, the Sheriff's Office sealed the records and ruled her death an accident. Sheriff Brett Kruse denied Scales' request for records and the Warrick Superior Court upheld that decision.

Kruse has since retired from the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office.

Scales believes that this could provide more insight as to what happened to his daughter to cause her death.

In case you aren't aware, Kristy Kelley was last seen at the Boonville VFW post in August of 2014. A month later, after national media attention, she and her car were found a the bottom of a lake in Warrick County. To this day, her family, friends, and other Boonville residents have many questions surrounding her death, like:

Why did Kelley leave the bar without her cellphone?

How did she end up in that area of town?

What caused the extensive damage to her SUV before it entered the water?

How did she miss a turn at an intersection she knew so well?

Why was her submerged SUV's automatic transmission left in park?

The story was covered  on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen. It is a show that covers "unsolved murders and mysteries, undercover investigations and shocking crimes caught on camera, the series brings stories from small towns across America to national attention."

In case you missed that episode, here is what aired:

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