Proposing to someone is one of the biggest things you will do in your life and you want to make it as special as you can. Being creative and clever is also good, but being too creative could get you in trouble. Using the police and a fake arrest could be pretty risky and may not give you the result you are looking for. I proposed to my wife with the help of my Evansville police officer buddy only to the extent that he was responsible for us meeting and having our first date at his house, which is where I proposed and there was no pranking involved or fake warrants.

Ben Vienneau entered a radio station contest for a free dream wedding. The radio station was looking for the wackiest proposal. Ben thought it would be cool to use his police officer brother-in-law to stage a fake arrest of his girlfriend Marcia. The prank begins with Marcia getting pulled over.

Whille the officer is walking up to the truck Marcia and Ben nervously discuss the fact that her current license and registration are in another vehicle and all she had were expired documents, which she gave to the officer. Officer comes back and says she has more than $2000 in outstanding fines and then goes off script by taking Marcia to his patrol car, which really surprised Ben.

The officer put Marcia in the backseat, went back to Ben and said he might have taken this too far because Marcia was extremely upset..ya think!! The officer, with Ben in tow returns and tells Marcia they can make a deal if she agrees to marry Ben and right on cue, Ben drops to one knee and pops the question.

It took a while for Marcia to regain her composure, but she finally said yes and all was well, but Marcia was clearly bothered and rattled by the prank, again I say...ya think!!. She could have just as easily said no and who could have blamed her for walking away at that point. This was kind of like the guy who used a plane crash to prank to propose to his girlfriend, which you can also see below. Never use pranks that involve cops or potential death to propose marriage like these tools did. By the way, no word on if Ben won the contest.


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