Are you having a Super Bowl party at your house, but you would rather stick pins in your eyes? A Super Bowl party is a lot of pressure and some people might feel like everyone else is expecting YOU to throw the party. Who needs people spilling seven layer dip all over the carpet and couch, not bringing anything to drink as a simple courtesy or having to deal with that one guest that wants everybody to shut up during the game and the commercials? Personally, I hate Super Bowl parties because I love football and I really want to watch the game. I am perfectly happy to sit at home with my wife, who loves football as much as I do by the way, which is totally HOT (but that's another post), and just enjoy a few beers and some light snacks.

However, if you have a prankster side and want to throw a party that everyone will remember (and at the same time ensure you will never have to do it again), then check out this video. It features seven steps that will ruin any Super Bowl party, but make it very memorable at the same time...hilarious!