Guns & Hoses 7 is this Saturday night at the Ford Center at 7pm with our local police officers and firefighters in the ring fighting each other for charity. This event has become a staple in Evansville with great fights and the winners are always our local kids. Sunday night in New York City, the NYPD and NYFD squared off in a charity hockey game that got very ugly where nobody really won and both departments look pretty bad. The below video shows the footage from a benches-clearing brawl that got way out of hand very quickly. You expect to see a fight or two at a hockey game, but rarely do you see a fight that involves every member from both teams on the ice at once at any level of play. This was an incredible sight and now both departments have some serious explaining to do because the charity aspect of it got very lost in the melee.

Our local cops and firefighters fight hard and take it very seriously, but they never lose sight of the cause and never lose the mutual respect for each other that is such a big part of Guns & Hoses. We even have a Guns & Hoses hockey game during the Icemen season that is great and never becomes what you see below, nor should it be.

This was NOT a good night for the NYPD or NYFD and I think everyone lost here, especially the charity. Our Guns & Hoses is something entirely different outside of a few bruises and cut lips. The only thing you see in the ring afterward are smiles for a job well done and alot of money raised for the community. Get your tickets for Guns & Hoses 7 here.


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