My cooking skills lead a lot to be desired. Even my cleaning ups skills are pitiful. I'm just not very domestic. I try, but most of the time. I fall short. That’s the reason I’m always looking for life hacks. That way, I can fool everybody into thinking I know how to do the hard stuff even when I don’t. One of my friends told me about a hack she saw on TicTok. The video addressed annoying and kinda gross, cooking grease. It’s a hack that will have you asking yourself, Why didn’t I think of that?   Once she explained it to me, I had to try it for myself. It works! It's so easy and not messy at all. You’ll want to make this hack a part of your grease dispensing routine.

Grease Hack Will Blow Your Mind

What make me feel even more stupid that I didn’t think of this hack, is that I was kind of already doing it. Every time I cook bacon in the oven (best way to cook it), I cover the cookie sheet with foil. When I’m finished, I let the liquid bacon grease set and harden. Once it does, I peel up the foil, wad it up and throw it away. No one ever said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.

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