Spoiler Alert: We may have a movie theater popcorn shortage this summer, which means you'll be paying even more for a bag of buttery popcorn at the movies.

Movie theaters and popcorn are synonymous with each other. It's so hard not to go to the theater without getting a huge bag of extra buttery popcorn to snack on while watching a movie on the big screen. We have several major blockbusters coming to theaters this summer that millions will flock to see. However, moviegoers might be disappointed this summer at the concession stand due to a popcorn shortage.

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The Popcorn Shortage of 2022

Inflation, a tight labor market, and supply chain disruptions are all key factors in the latest shortage we are facing. "Popcorn supply will be tight," Preferred Popcorn chief executive Norm Krug told the Wall Street Journal.

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The trouble doesn't end at popcorn either. Supply disruptions are also creating shortages of buckets and bags for popcorn, as well as mention cups for drinks, trays for nachos, and other concessions items.

The Wall Street Journal goes on to say that operators of movie theaters were very concerned at the reports that operators of movie theaters were nervous at the recent CinemaCon convention in regards to being able to keep their concessions stocked about being able to stock for the summer and holiday moviegoing seasons. This is a major concern for movie theater operators as they rely on concessions to pay the bills.

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Right now, they are getting by with popcorn and supplies, but as the summer moviegoing season continues that might change. Even if local movie theaters can keep the kernels popping, that could mean that we will be paying more for it. We'll have to wait to see how this popcorn shortage unfolds this summer.

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